Out of warranty repair Inearz monitors

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Have your in-ear monitors seen better days? Well we can clean, test, and repair them back to their former glory.  We now offer a flat rate fee to help make repairing your old InEarz simple and faster.  The flat rate cost does not apply to in-ear monitors that are considered a "total loss" due to excessive damage.  If deemed a total loss they are considered not repairable.

If you are requesting a refit service due to a poor fit,  PLEASE MARK ON MONITORS WITH A SHARPIE WHERE THE PROBLEM AREAS ARE BEFORE SHIPPING THEM BACK TO US.  Describe in as much detail as you can to describe the issues you are having.  Make sure to include new ear impressions with your monitors  unless we have impressions on file that are less than 5 years old.

If you are requesting a repair for a sound issue, please send BOTH left and right sides to ensure a balanced sound after the repair is complete.

-Some restrictions can apply and InEarz Audio has the right to refuse service. If we cannot repair them we will notify you.
-*We only accept InEarz Audio branded in-ear monitors, DO NOT send third party products to us.

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