EARcleanse Earwax Removal Spray

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Use EarCleanse Cerumenolytic Spray to help keep your ears clean and to aid in the removal of ear wax. EarCleanse spray is used by pumping two sprays into each ear canal once a week. When used once a week in association with a regular hygiene program, EarCleanse Spray will help keep your ears from developing a wall of ear wax sometimes associated with regular use of ear plugs or in ear monitors. EarCleanse is safety rated and recommended for adult ear canals only. WARNING: FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE EAR INFECTION, ITCHING EAR CANALS, OR PERFORATED (HOLE) EAR DRUM.

Approx. 50 sprays per canister

1.69 fl.oz.

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