Musician Hi-Fi Custom Fit Earplugs

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Custom Earplugs

Custom silicone earplugs made to reduce outside noise while retaining a clear listening experience.  Utilizes the Earasers unique V-shape attenuation to focus reduction in the frequencies that are most harmful to our ears.  Reduction designations are based on the peak reduction, typically focused around 3kHz.


Includes ONE set of filters.  Standard is -19dB.   Optional filters include -26dB, -31dB, and Peace & Quiet filters.   Your custom earplugs will be delivered with -19dB filters unless you specify otherwise.   

-19dB peak sound reduction (optional -26dB, -31dB, Peace & Quiet)
-Interchangeable filters
-Custom to your ear, requires ear impressions to build)
-Removable lanyard


-Reduces outside noise so sounds are more natural and clear, while not being as muffled as other earplugs
-Reduced risk of hearing damage or loss
-Enhance your listening experience while protecting your hearing.



To get the full set, you must order under product: MUSICIANS HIFI FILTERS.

Optional filters include -26dB, -31dB, and Peace & Quiet filters.  When shipped together with the full earplug filter set, we ensure you have all four filters.   

If you previously ordered a filter other than the -19dB, please add in the notes which three filters you want included.   

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