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Hi-Fi Filters

Replacement or Alternative filter modules for the Custom Hi-Fi Musician Earplugs.  All filters feature our targeted attenuation delivering a flat response to your eardrum.  The P&Q version is solid, providing maximum attenuation.  Buy one of our 3-Pack special bundles for a discounted price.

Sold as pairs (2 filters: A Right/Left pair per attenuation level)



Your Z22 comes standard with two filter pair:   -19dB and Peace&Quiet Filters

There are two additional filters you may want to try.   These filters are -26dB and -31dB.  These filters will give you more range between the -19dB and the P&Q filters that come with your Z22 Ambient in ear monitor purchase.

The effect of changing the filter, as you go from -19dB to -26dB you get slightly increased bass response and a small amount of decrease ambiance giving you a little more protection.  The trend continues as follows:

Open (no filter):   Most ambiance ; Least protection; Least bass response

-19dB (standard): Less ambiance; More protection; more bass



P&Q (standard): Least ambiance; Most protection; Most bass response

This bundle does NOT include the -19dB or the P&Q filter which are included with your original purchase.


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